Being the Founder

Being the founder of a company seems glamorous.

Lots of money. More than you ever imagined.

No bosses. And all those employees who follow your orders.

Interviews by star-struck reporters. Glossy photos that make you look good.

Awards and prizes. Sparkling awards and prizes.

VIP status at snazzy conferences. With crazy afterparties.

But the reality?

No money. Less than you ever imagined.

Customers as the ultimate bosses. And good luck hiring employees.

Reporters ignore your emails. Those selfies ain’t looking too hot.

Who cares about awards and prizes. It’s not kindergarten.

No invites to conferences. Forget afterparties. Anyways, don’t you have work to do?

Most people are much better off joining a startup that has reached a positive an inflection point and is already growing super fast. This kind of company is usually desperate to hire people.

Does the world need more founders? Absolutely.

Should everyone be a founder? Absolutely not.

And that’s OK.

Tytus Michalski