Dinosaurs and Ants

Dinosaurs are awesome. Imagine seeing some in person. It would be unforgettable. And they would be able to smell your fear. Hopefully, for your sake, they would be busy doing something else.

Ants are puny. You’ve seen them plenty. Probably can’t remember the last time you saw any. And you couldn’t smell their fear. Hopefully, for their sake, they would be able to get out of your way.

But here’s the funny thing.

Dinosaurs used to rule the earth. Until they didn’t.

Ants were around before dinosaurs. Ants were around along with dinosaurs. Ants are around long after dinosaurs. 

Why ants? Why not dinosaurs?

Ants ain’t stronger than dinosaurs. Ants ain’t faster than dinosaurs. Ants ain’t smarter than dinosaurs. Ants ain’t fiercer than dinosaurs. Ants ain’t more competitive than dinosaurs.

So why do so many business strategy books tell you to be stronger, faster, smarter, fiercer and more competitive? 

To become a fossil?

The environment changed. Ants adapted. Dinosaurs didn’t.

Tytus Michalski