Gogogo S l o w

Iteratefaster. Gogogo. Speedistheonlysustainablecompetitiveedge.

W a i t.

S l o w d o w n.

S e e t h e b i g p i c t u r e.

Look at the data. Listen to the stories. Feel the scar tissue.

They’re both right.

They’re both wrong.

There’s no single right answer. Sometimes fast. Sometimes slow.

In today’s world of accelerating change, iterating quickly is important. But just as important is deciding what to iterate on by using judgement. Using judgement requires clarity of thought. Clarity of thought comes from slowing down.

In today’s world of structural shifts, understanding driving forces is key. But just as important is taking advantage of inflection points by being adaptive. Being adaptive requires action. Action comes from speeding up.

Feel the tempo of the market. Combine the fast and the slow. Find the rhythm.

Tytus Michalski