Scar Tissue

Everyone gets tested in life. 

Wounds. Sometimes physical. Sometimes emotional. Always spiritual. A blow to the gut.

But these tests happen at different times to different people. Some people start sooner in life. And then get more. Others start later in life. But then get extra.

Starting a business is one of these tests. In fact, the journey of a founder brings multiple tests. Building scar tissue the whole time. Successful entrepreneurs are able to recover. And come back stronger. Sometimes still building the same business. Sometimes starting over.

Of course, many people don’t recover from the tests of life. They still live. But differently.

What about people who haven’t been tested? Who don’t have scar tissue? It’s hard to predict who can recover.

Looking for success? Look for people who have recovered from scar tissue. They’ll do it again.

Tytus Michalski