Startup Customer Service

When competing against large incumbents, startups usually have less money and fewer people. But that’s a source of competitive advantage for customer service.

Why? Startups care more because they have no choice.

Many large companies have automated phone systems. Some have giant call centers. A few have artificial intelligence agents. But nothing beats interacting with someone who truly cares. At large companies, you have to put in effort just to connect to a person. And then you need to be lucky to find one who cares.

Startups are different. Of course it’s time consuming for the core team to communicate with customers directly. But customers give you raw feedback. Customers enjoy speaking with the core team. Customers are your evangelists. What else could be a better use of the core team’s time?

Sources of competitive advantage are hard to find. Genuine, human customer service is one that cuts across industries and geographies. And the good news is that startups have a natural edge compared to large incumbents.

Serve customers. Because you care.

Tytus Michalski