The Final Fear

Motivation through positive thinking is mainstream these days. Everything’s gonna be just fine. I’m happy. We’re the best. All that jazz.

But the reality is that fear has always been, and will always be, the stronger motivation to push beyond limits. It’s not necessarily healthy, but it’s powerful.

Not all fear is created equal. Fear of the unknown? fear of what others think? fear of failure? All scary stuff.

But there’s one fear that stands above others.

Most people would say fear of death. After all, who ain’t scared of dying?

People who survived death don’t seem that scared anymore. And there are many of them. Among us.

Fear of others dying, especially younger family members, is even scarier for most people. 

Still, there’s one fear bigger than death. 

The fear of not living your life to its full potential. Every day is a fresh opportunity. And yet most of us fail almost everyday. 

The best way to motivate yourself is through fear. Not of dying. But of not living.

Tytus Michalski