Water World

We have a glass with water. And a lot of thirsty people.

A critic visits. He tells us the glass is half-empty. There simply ain’t enough water for everyone. We feel depressed briefly. And then he leaves.

A guru visits. She tells us the glass is half-full. She raises our hopes for a brief moment. Until we realize nothing has changed. And then she leaves.

A CEO visits. He has a lawyer draft a complicated agreement. He creates an elaborate and entertaining show. While we are distracted, he drinks some of our water. And then he leaves.

A government official visits. She promises us the rules will change to stop anyone else from stealing our water. She proposes new legislation prohibiting anyone from going within 10 metres of the water. While we are waiting for the legislation to pass, some of the water evaporates. And then she leaves.

An entrepreneur visits. She finds out we need more water. She goes away and finds a well with more water. She brings back enough water for everyone, including herself. She stays.

Tytus Michalski